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Vaporizer Development - RYAH

RYAH: Case Study



Develop, design and manufacture a dose measuring vaporizer that is linked to an application to assist users with personalizing their medication regimens. This vaporizer will allow users to consume the exact same amount of vapor every time, ensuring safe and transparent dosing of cannabis flower. Ultimately, the development of RYAH will provide quantitative insights into the consumption habits of cannabis users and how specific strains affected particular user bases.


Pain Points:

  1. Inability of users to create a medication session that is tailored to their specific medical indication and demographic

  2. Without RYAH users did not have an option to vaporize identical dosages for each medication session

  3. Users did not have the ability to understand how to dose different strains to achieve symptom relief

  4. Inability of users to share accurate dosage and cannabis consumption statistics with their physician 

  5. There is no way to identically recreate medication sessions specifically with cannabis flower 

  6. Cartridge fulfillment of products was only associated with oils/tinctures rather than flower. Fulfillment of flower implies a method to control how much each person can intake per session.




Our Green Solutions founders David Goldstein and Yoray Halevy were tasked with providing the tools and processes for creating a medical grade vaporizer that can collect HIPAA compliant data on users cannabis consumption habits. In order to collect the data in a controlled manner, OGS recommended creating a vaporizer that is bluetooth enabled and seamlessly connected to a companion app. This combination provided users with a location to dose, measure, and track their consumption sessions, thereby enabling them with the tools needed to create a safe, effective, and replicable medication regimen. 


During the consulting period, OGS was tasked with bringing a conceptual product and bringing it to reality. In order to provide the best advice to the client and create a differentiated premium product, OGS did thorough research into competing products and how to improve them. Additionally, OGS identified multiple hardware manufacturers and software developers that can work on creating the RYAH. The manufacturing process took several iterations, with constant testing among different patient groups. In order to properly collect dosage, OGS conducted research on which tools will be able to detect airflow within the vaporizer and provided exact product specification for the buildout of the hardware. Another important note to add, in order to maintain control over the amount of product that a user can consume, OGS instructed the client on filling disposable cartridges with flower with an identical weight. This solution will allow users to know how much they are Additionally, OGS recommended specific parts for the vaporizer ranging from mouthpieces, cartridge mechanisms, heating elements, button functionalities, data management between application & vaporizer, and color schemes. Each piece of the product defined previously plays an integral role in creating a cohesive vaporizer that is both aesthetically pleasing and provides superior functionality to the competitors identified by Our Green Solutions’ due diligence process. 



Similar to the steps needed to create the vaporizer hardware, OGS provided the processes that were necessary in creating an application that is intuitive and unique. The designers and developers that OGS recommended were hired to create the application. OGS worked closely with these individuals to create wireframes, designs, databases and functionality within the application that was easy to use and personal to each user. The creation of the application involves important communication among all members of the team, which OGS was tasked with facilitating. Upon identifying all the pieces needed to integrate the hardware components and software applications associated with the RYAH, the initial prototypes were created. The prototypes were tested via focus groups that OGS conducted in order to dissect users opinions and how to properly create a product that is operational, provides value to the user, and most importantly, easy to use and understand. After several different application build outs and hardware prototypes involving bug fixes, design enhancement, and hardware components optimization, the final prototype was created, the application was finalized and approved by the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This application runs flawlessly, capturing data collected by the vaporizer, storing it securely, and allowing users to achieve the goal of the vaporizer - personalized and recreatable cannabis medication regimens.


OGS’ Task Overview:


  1. Identified a unique vaporizing solution that can assist users in creating identical and easily replicable medication regimen.

  2. Do due diligence on competitors in the industry

  3. Research and find manufacturing partners that can create this vaporizer 

  4. Identify software developers and designers that can create a companion application to the vaporizer

  5. Create wireframes, prototype build outs, hardware and software designs, databases and functionality that is connective between vaporizer and application

  6. Conduct market research on each prototype and application buildout in order to gather feedback and implement it

  7. Conduct focus groups for final product approval

  8. Confirm approval of application in Apple App Store & Google Play Store

  9. Identify and catalogue potential dispensary and grower partners for RYAH cartridge fulfillment

  10. Created in-store promotions and educated brand ambassadors on how to assist users in downloading/using the application and operating the vaporizer

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