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Strategic Advisory - Akers Bio

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Akers Bio: Case Study



Akers Biosciences, a rapid health informatics technology company, wanted to better understand the landscape and opportunities in the cannabinoid and hemp markets. Our Green Solutions assisted in the company’s due diligence, strategy, market advisory, and showcased a myriad of entrance points into the industry that have the opportunity to make Akers a unique hemp/minor cannabinoid entity.

Strategy & Goals:

  • Provide advisory on the hemp and cannabinoid market opportunities

  • Cultivate leads for potential business development and partnerships

  • Outlines opportunities and case studies for development of consumer facing products

  • Coached executive management on industry

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Akers Biosciences developed as a speculative company that is seeking guidance about the intricacies of the hemp/minor cannabinoid industries. Given the infancy of the hemp and cannabis industries, Our Green Solutions consulted and strategized with Akers about how to properly provide a public entity with the tools and processes needed to enter the market in the near future.

In order to properly carve a niche in the hemp/cannabis industries, Our Green Solutions vetted and identified potential candidates to create an advisory board comprised of individuals with scientific and business-strategic ties into the industry.Our Green Solutions narrowed a list of top candidates that can bring scientific, legal, manufacturing, and growth expertise to Akers. Upon establishing the proper advisory board, Our Green Solutions focused on doing due diligence on similar public entities that currently operate within these industries. The sole purpose of the due diligence was to understand what competitors are doing successfully and how can Akers potentially differentiate themselves if they choose to enter these markets. 

During the consulting period, Our Green Solutions proposed an entry into the minor cannabinoid market, the fastest growing sector of the cannabis and hemp industries. In particular, OGS recommended creating everyday consumer products that are infused with minor cannabinoids in order to gain first mover advantage. Our Green Solutions developed branding, created marketing plans, and trademarked potential cosmetic projects that we believed would gain most market traction. Separately, as the consumer brands we’re being designed, Our Green Solutions connected Akers with industry professionals from a plethora of different verticals to discuss collaborations. These collaborations were carefully selected to increase focus on biotechnology and laboratory services, which were already part of Akers’ core expertise. All in all, Our Green Solutions detailed the steps and processes Akers would need to take in order to enter the hemp industry in the future.  


OGS’ Task Overview:


  • Search, vet and select advisory board candidates

  • Research and create spreadsheets of hemp entities that could provide value via collaboration with Akers

  • Create and design logos, packaging, and website for the minor cannabinoid products being researched

  • Write a marketing plan for when the minor cannabinoid products hit the consumer market

  • Identify potential laboratory services solutions to be implemented at Akers current laboratory location

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