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Application & Permit Services

Application & Permit Services

The biggest barrier to entry for aspiring cannabis companies is the filing and submitting an application that is poised to succeed. When New Jersey announced their intention to regulate recreational cannabis they were bombarded with thousands of applications from potential business owners with high aspirations. As you can imagine, the majority of these applicants did not have previous cannabis experience, but rather, they were business savvy individuals and entities seeking to take advantage of the explosive growth of the industry. So, we are sure you are asking yourself, how can you prepare an application that will stand out among the competition? How can you have an upper leg? 


Our Green Solution has taken these questions to heart and carefully validated individuals that have successfully applied for cannabis permits and gained approval. Notably, our partners have gained approvals in a variety of states ranging from heavily medical states such as:


  • Arkansas

  • Maryland

  • Florida 

  • Pennsylvania


In addition to assisting entities seeking licensing and realty opportunities in recreational giants such as:


  • California

  • Colorado

  • Washington

  • Canada


However, given that each state is governed by different regulations and legislations, it is imperative that your application and permit process is driven by individuals that can navigate through the legal language and processes. There are a myriad of policies, procedures, and application/permit language that can provide you with an advantage over competitors that are seeking the exact same licenses and permits. We understand that an application is a long and drawn out process, but we have the partners in place to give you a leg up. We can make sure that your company is perfectly positioned for a license award, including a board comprised of experienced cannabis entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and legal professionals that can guide you through every step of this process. 

With multiple states seeking to expand their regulations to legalize recreational cannabis, particularly in heavily populated states such as New York that are known for their cannabis consumption, having the right team pushing your application is paramount. We are eager to start your application process and do everything in our power to get your application to the top of the list; all you have to do is reach out via our form below!

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