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Currently, both hemp and cannabis markets have unique challenges with:

  • National rollouts

  • Advertising platforms

  • Messaging that is clear and properly targeted.

  • Budgeting for marketing initiatives


When developing marketing plans for the cannabis and hemp industries, it's imperative to understand exactly who your target audience/market is and which states have the proper regulations and legislations to provide you with a successful platform for your product. Additionally, the current limitations surrounding digital marketing in cannabis and hemp do not make national rollouts any easier. There are a myriad of challenges in online marketing and social media advertisements, which puts further emphasis on the importance of reaching and influencing your local brick and mortar target markets.


Our Green Solutions has built marketing plans geared towards:

  • National and specific state initiatives

  • New York and Tri-State specific roll outs 

  • Recreational and Medical based marketing plans


Our time and experience developing these plans are designed to save you from costly mistakes and provide you with unique market insights to make your budgets reach further and have a larger impact. Cannabis marketing has evolved, so fill out our form to keep up with  the latest trends and opportunities, put your company on the map and your brand in the spotlight.  

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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