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Services: Brand & Business Development

Brand & Business Development

What is a brand? It can be hard to put your finger on exactly what makes a brand stand out among the competition.  Is it the logo and color scheme? Is it the tone and voice? Perhaps it’s the perception of  how people feel when they interact with your company? At OGS, we take a comprehensive approach to brand development because we know it’s not a sole asset, but rather concise message of your brand, made up of:

  • Logos

  • Tone & Voice

  • Brand Personality

  • Brand Guidelines

Developing brands for the cannabis and hemp industries comes with unique challenges given the regulatory nature of this industry. With marketplaces being extremely diverse and fragmented, it takes an especially hands-on approach. Medical patients don’t think like recreational users and hemp farmers don’t make decisions like dispensary operators. To give your brand the best chance to succeed, OGS will curate and develop a custom brand for you, so that your messaging is properly geared to best flourish in the hemp and cannabis industry. But now that you have your brand logo, image, and messaging clear and concise, how do you deploy it onto your products in order to catch the attention of your ideal consumer?

The first step in ensuring that your product catches the eye of your audience is to enter the correct market. Once we’ve done our due diligence on the appropriate markets, OGS will develop a business development plan that involves multi-level approaches to ensuring your products get the ideal shelf space. Our Green Solutions has developed relationships and partnerships with:

  • Mom and pop dispensaries

  • State-wide distributors

  • Multi-state vertical entities

  • Cultivators and growers

  • E-commerce marketplace platforms

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