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Our Green Solutions’ experience developing brands and increasing business traffic is irrefutable. Your brand is the most visual part of your business, and OGS can ensure that your brand portrays the true core values of your business.  Our team is comprised of talented individuals that can help create, design, and sell your products and services whether you need assistance creating a brand from scratch or direction for launching your products into new markets.


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Technology build outs are a multi-step process that can be quite time intensive and require a variety of iterations. Our Green Solutions has created artificial intelligence cores, smart hardware devices, and enterprise software solutions for a variety of companies in the cannabis/hemp industry. We specialize in bringing ideas to life and ensuring that your technology is built to your specifications,  matching the vision you have for revolutionizing the industry. 



Our Green Solutions experience developing mobile and desktop applications is unmatched. From wireframes, logic reasoning, UX/UI development, and designs, we are able to execute on your vision. Our abilities range across multiple platforms and approvals from app stores to ensure that your application is operational, intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and user friendly.



Navigating the murky waters of advertising and marketing platforms that accept cannabis companies can be a cumbersome process. How can you reach your target audience without using the most popular and heavily trafficked platforms? Our Green Solutions has been in your shoes previously and we know how to sidestep the obstacles in order to put your company and products front and center.



We’ve all been aware of the valuations floated by companies in the hemp/cannabis industries. Most of these companies are valued based on their potential rather than their fundamentals and comparable market makers. Whether you are seeking due diligence on competitors, or seeking venture capital funding, Our Green Solutions will guide you through this process.



So your company has developed a product and launched it but you are looking to expand internationally? How do you choose the right U.S. market for your product? Our Green Solutions has already done significant market research to verify that your product gets into the hand of your desired consumer. Don’t just take a leap of faith that you are choosing the right market, let Our Green Solutions educate you which market is the best fit!


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