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Inernational Partnerships

International Partnerships

Cannabis technology began and continues to grow in the birthplace of cannabis research, Israel. Israel took the first step towards legitimizing cannabis as a medical solution, and many European entities followed suit. The research compiled on cannabis has evolved greatly in many countries across the globe, with a strong focus in:

  • Germany

  • Denmark

  • Switzerland

  • Spain

  • Netherlands


As each country continues to study this wonderful holistic solution, additional advancement towards cannabis-centric therapeutic solutions emerge. Whether new products are being created and developed in Europe, or new technologies are being incubated in Israel, implementing them among users in the United States and Canada poses unique challenges. 


Unlike many countries, the United States does not have a federal guideline for cannabis products and technologies. The lack of legal transparency due to the everchanging legislations provide international companies with headaches when entering the US market. From technology localization, identifying the correct target market, to marketing via state specific rollout strategies, there is a lot to consider when brainstorming how these  amazing innovations can succeed in the United States and Canada. The different state-level legislations pose significant barriers of entry for companies, thereby putting further emphasis on expertise of navigating the regulatory waters.


Difficulties creating partnerships:

  • Variances in state legislations

  • Inconsistent marketing/advertising platforms

  • Differentiation between recreational markets and medical markets

  • Target consumer

  • A plethora of similar product options 


Our Green Solutions has the experience and case studies to help European, Israeli, and additional international companies ensure proper product rollouts and positioning when entering the U.S. and Canadian markets.  Our team will provide you with an in depth analysis of the macro and micro markets that are best suited for your product. We will curate and build a state by state guide for successful product implementations, creating and fostering partner relationships with local businesses, marketing initiatives, as well as brand recognition and consumer loyalty. Additionally, Our Green Solutions can set up in-store demos with outstanding and passionate brand ambassadors to ensure that users and patients are educated on your product. Our Green Solutions is passionate about the cannabis industry, and we believe that if you have a product that will benefit users, we will make sure that you can get it into their hands. Fill out our form for more information and don’t let the fragmented state sectors stop your company from thriving in the international markets.

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