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The cannabis industry is a nascent and unique industry due to the complexity of state and federal variances when it comes to regulations, patient treatments, marketing, business development, and additional legal proceedings (licenses, applications, law enforcement treatment, etc). While the majority of the cannabis industry is localized in the recreational behemoths, known as: California, Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts and Oregon, there are a plethora of medical states that have growth capacity to match, if not exceed, these markets.


As the cannabis market currently stands, Florida and Pennsylvania are widely regarded as some of the fastest growing medical states. However, while it is often overlooked due to the poor regulations currently in place, New York’s cannabis market is the sleeping giant that is awakening and will shortly take this industry by storm.


How big is this market? Well, while cannabis is still recreationally illegal, New York City (in conjunction with New York State) still holds the top spot for most cannabis consumers in a city. According to Timeout, New York City consumes 77.4 metric tons of cannabis every year in the five boroughs, albeit recreational cannabis is still illegal. On the flip side, Los Angeles is the second biggest U.S. city at 36.06 metric tons of cannabis, even with fully recreational cannabis! These numbers provide just a glimpse of the potential and size of the New York market, and why every cannabis entity should start kicking the tires on establishing a New York presence.


Educate yourself on the current New York cannabis laws and statewide regulations so you can stay up to date with any changes to the industry. Our breakdown of the current regulatory landscape is a great introduction to the current legal cannabis market in New York.



Navigating through the cumbersome cannabis application and permits can be exhausting. Find out a little bit about the current permits and application in New York, and find out how you can position yourself to successfully apply.



New York is well-positioned to be one of the largest players in the newly surging hemp industry. Take advantage of the opportunity and learn more about the New York hemp licenses and permit process.

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