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Due Diligence & Advisory

Due Diligence & Advisory

As exciting as the emerging hemp and cannabis industries are, there is a lot of room for caution given the nascent nature of the market and the underlying companies’ valuations. Specifically,  the majority of current deal structures simply don't have valuations that are derived from the underlying companies’ fundamental business structure and quarterly/annual guidances. Finding the right companies to deploy capital within the cannabis industry can be a cumbersome process. Additionally, taking part in mergers and acquisitions in order to leverage complementary business strategies can also be a tedious task. Therefore, it is imperative to have industry experts assist you in completing proper due diligence investigations to ensure that these companies accurately represent their assets, liabilities, and projections. Navigating through early-stage startups with ambitious projections for national rollouts, and public companies that release annual and quarterly projections, it is imperative to have an expert that can help you understand the true value of each company. 


Some of the biggest names in the industry were overvalued right off the bat, creating an increase in share price that was fundamentally problematic, particularly:

  • Canopy

  • Tilray

  • Green Organic Dutchman

  • Cronos

  • Organigram


Our Green Solutions is backed by an experienced team with ties to the public markets as well as various private cannabis companies. OGS has worked with cannabis companies on a global and national scale, and knows how to assist with investment opportunities analysis, cannabis mergers and acquisitions, and properly value a company based on their current assets and future potential. Our team will provide industry comparables, opportunity and risk assessment, and guide you through finding the right company that can put your money to work properly. 

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