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Enterprise Software - RYAHMD

RYAHMD: Case Study



Designed, developed, and implemented enterprise software for RYAH vaporizer’s dispensary and physician-facing backend. The project started by creating a calendar that outlined conceptual wireframes of the applications and culminated with a marketing execution that brought the business and healthcare software to the market. Our Green Solutions provided strategic insights, team vetting, project management, and hands on product management to make RYAH’s business facing back end solutions a reality.


  • RYAH needed to build out a robust software backend for it’s dispensary and physician users with the ultimate goal of launching and marketing the software extensions within eight months.




Our Green Solutions provided strategy, talent acquisition, design services, and market planning to meet RYAH’s timelines and get their B2B software launch and adopted. With the help of OGS, RYAH put together a project calendar that set the expectations and milestones. In order to have a successful agile software development push, OGS provided technical guidelines to keep the software HIPAA compliant and insights on the latest trends in healthcare tech to improve user experience and user adoption. This included vetting cloud services, procedures for encrypting databases, and creating a user workflow that made onboarding physicians simple.


Given the nature of how fragmented the cannabis market’s regulations are, software build outs for the cannabis industry must take technology integrations into consideration in the very first stages of development. OGS provided RYAH with a faster path to market by providing detailed analysis of existing softwares and established partnerships to have an expedited path to market. For example, OGS was able to secure several agreements with state operators from growers to dispensaries to on board the RYAH vaporizer in more than six states. OGS was also able to identify and introduce patient advocacy groups and physician networks in relative states to become early adopters and help promote the product in local markets. 


The OGS marketing team drafted a comprehensive marketing blueprint based on a multi-state roll out at the end of the software development cycle. This marketing plan had to be segmented by state as each market required different strategies in order to maximize marketing spend. For national awareness, the OGS team assisted in identifying and preparing for industry trade shows, creating positive public relations in industry publications, and connected the RYAH brand with larger physician networks and dispensary chains. 


OGS’ Task Overview:


  • Strategize and created a project calendar to meet a eight month deadline

  • Researched and provided technical guidelines for HIPPA infrastructure and proper data encryptions

  • Provided analysis and plan to integrate with existing local state data and software infrastructures to maintain compliance in each state and expedite roll out. 

  • Developed and executed marketing and business development plans to onboard RYAH’s software in over six states

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