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Technology Buildout

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Technology Buildout

With a great range of challenges in the growing cannabis industry, as well as a front mover advantage for an industry still in its infancy stages, a large selection of dedicated technology solutions have begun to surface. From growing optimization solutions using machine learning and robotics, to point-of-sale and inventory management software for dispensaries, every level of cannabis and hemp production has evolved since legalization. 


However, one of the biggest challenges for companies is weeding through all of the options to find which technology brings the most value to you. Fortunately, technology is at the core of Our Green Soultion’s expertise and talent. We have the experience to assist you in building out technology solutions tailored to both consumers and enterprises while avoiding landmines early on in development, which can truly hinder the costs and timeline in launching your products. OGS will make sure that you avoid mistakes like not having proper gateway integrations to be able to launch nationally and prevent building incorrect data infrastructures that will require redevelopment to be HIPPA compliant. 


Our Green Solutions core specialty involves developing and creating mobile and desktop applications. Our team is made up of talented, experienced, and forward-thinking individuals that can take your concept and bring it to life. We have consulted and launched applications garnering hundreds of thousands of users with significant in-app activity and user input. 


Creating applications is a detailed and milestone-driven process involving individuals from many areas of expertise. Specifically, Our Green Solutions will assist you in discussing your idea, putting a timeline behind bringing it to reality, and bringing in together developers, coders, designers, and testers to ensure that everyone is on the same page. So you have an idea but not sure what to do next? We will guide you through each step of the process, beginning with wireframes, then coding, designing, testing, debugging, and finally app-store approvals. 


Specifically, our team can assist with:

  • Hardware buildouts, design, development, and production

  • Full stack software development

  • Backend data infrastructure development and integration

  • App design, development, and launch

  • Artificial Intelligence creation and optimization

  • Optimization of current technologies for industry use cases 

  • UX/UI development and feedback

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