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Our Green Solutions

Premier Cannabis & Hemp Consulting
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Legal & Regulatory

Navigating the state-by-state consumer sentiment and in-state regulations for marketing to consumers can be a long and tedious process. We will outline a detailed plan to market your product both locally, nationally, and ensure that your target audience will be in the spotlight. 

It can be difficult keeping up with the constantly-changing regulatory landscape of the cannabis and hemp industry. Our Green Solutions is backed with some of the best lawyers in the industry, to make sure that your company stays compliant at all times whether it be a new application for a license or expanding the business into new territories.


Product Development & Implementation

Our Green Solutions has created, developed, and implemented applications and hardware products in the cannabis and hemp industry. You have the vision, and we have a proven track record that will help you bring that vision to the hands of your consumers. 


Yoray Halevy

Upon receiving his MBA from Binghamton University, Yoray has spent his time working for PotBotics, a premier data aggregation and technology company in the cannabis industry. At PotBotics, Yoray thrived as the director of business development and operations, while playing a role across many different departments of the company ranging from marketing to finance. Yoray's unique strategic vision and experience helps companies that look to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

David Goldstein

Since founding PotBotics, identified as a top 10 technology company in the medical cannabis space by venture beat, Mr. Goldstein has ascended to the forefront of the industry and is now considered a pioneer and thought leader for cannabis. Mr. Goldstein, through his consulting firm Our Green Solutions, leads start-ups and scale-ups in navigating the cannabis space to grow brand equity, develop brand presence, and grow sales channels. David's accomplishments have been covered by media moguls such as Forbes, New York Times, & NBC. 

About Us

Our Green Solutions is a New York based consulting company focused on the global cannabis & hemp markets. Our team has over 20 years of industry experience working with companies of all sizes, from startups to publicly listed entities. Our Green Solutions specializes in all aspects of your business, from marketing to finance, we will make sure that your company achieves its potential.

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